Building A Netzero Barn Home

Hi.  We're Greg and Dixie from suburbia.   We've been married for 14 years and now our collective kids are grown, and Greg has just recently taken 70 miles away requiring him to commute by car every day across some of the worst urban traffic-infested roads in the country.   Dixie is a consultant and as such is fairly portable.   So after a month of the treacherous, soul-sucking commute, it was decided that we would move closer to the new job.   Even though said new job is also located in suburbia, the idea of staying entrenched in the land of big box stores, franchise restaurants and bad fast food is wearing thin on both of us.   Over the years, we've each maintained a different, but equally romanticized notion of owning a barn.  Dix's idea was to own a barn where farm animals would live.   Greg's was to own a barn where he and Dixie would live.   And so the story begins...

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Greg and Dixie